Marine National Park Zones - Jumpinpin

Marine National Park Boundaries - Cobby Cobby Island

Marine National Park Boundaries - Duck Ck and Surrounding Areas

Reproduced from Moreton Bay Marine Park User Guide published by the State of Queensland (Department of State Development). Please refer to the EPA for the latest information in respect of the Moreton Bay Marine Park.

Eastern Boundary Markers - Cobby Cobby Island (courtesy of Google Earth (E&OE))

On a recent trip to Jumpinpin I took the time to check the boundary markers published in the Moreton Bay Marine Park User Guide. I found the following:

  • The boundary point marked as MNP01 on the image below coincides with the position of the physical sign located in that vicinity;
  • The boundary points marked as MNP02 and MNP03 on the image below were situated on the mangrove line adjacent to the positions shown.

The marks were taken using a Humminbird Matrix 737 with GPS attached. The current accuracy of non-DGPS systems is +/- 10 metres (based on Selective Availability as controlled by the US Military), so the accuracy of my marks is subject to that potential error. If WAAS is available (and I have no idea if it is) then the error is going to be under +/- 3 metres for 95% of the time.

I took these marks because I was approached by a fellow fisherman (whom I did not know) and was told I was fishing in a Green Zone. I pointed out the marks as provided in the user guide but he insisted that he was told recently by an "Inspector" that the green zone started at the relatively new red beacon near the entrance to Cobby Passage. This beacon is NOT the start of the green zone as defined by the recent changes.

Mis-information about the boundaries of green zones is as bad as total ignorance of them. Make sure you know where the boundary points are and if you have no way of locating non-marked (as in permament signage) points, then steer clear of them altogether.