Current Status

My existing Web Host - Dreamhost - has decided to upgrade the version of PHP (the language I use to provide the Hut Calendar) to a version incompatible with the package used to access the Hut Database. To implement a new package would require me to spend a lot of time and additional cost to do that. I have decided not to do that - getting too old for that sort of thing and I have other things I want to do.

While I finally decide what I am going to do - most likely will be to move to a new web host which supports my application as is - is provide a downlaodable version of the calendar I send to you by email. THis will not be interactive like the current web calendar but you can still see details for the current Hut year.

I'm sorry about the inconvenience but that's the way it goes.

Click on the Hut Calendar link below and you will have the choice of downloading the calendar or viewing it online.

Thank you for your patience while this process continues.